ski tip of the week - wear a helmet

It is more fun to ski without a helmet. It is easier, it looks less dorky and you don’t feel restrained. But, while you may be in total control at all times, as high speed quads have increased the congestion on the hill, your chances of getting hit by a wayward skier or a blind spotted snowboarder have increased. You can’t control what other people do, but you can try and protect yourself from them. Recent studies have shown that even mild head injuries can have a long term effect on the brain (Brain 2009 Jan 28, J. Neurotrauma 2009 March), skiing can be a high impact sport so even if you fall once every three years, you want to be wearing a helmet when you do.

And helmets don’t have to look like bowling balls, check out Smith or Giro helmets at Wild Ernest. If you don’t want to invest in purchasing a helmet, you can always rent one.